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Established in 2014, Zigana Ev Gerecleri is still in production in Kayseri Organize Sanayi. Research and development studies on product and production technology, vocational training studies, market research and strengthening of sectoral environmental relations have been emphasized.
As Atm Ates Metal Goods Industry and Trade we have been serving for more than 10 years. We have been serving by producing ladders suitable to the needs. We are developping our production are and our c
Dogrular A.S. which first started its Industrial affairs in 1979 and in a short time completed installation and started production at the Konya-Meram establihsments.Paying attention to Client Satisfaction and Quality,Dogrular made production in a short time and became a trademark not only in motherland,but also in the world that millions of families use. With Konya Center and Istanbul Branch Directorates,it serves clients in the homeland and out of the country by continuous service before and after the sales. Dogrular,which exports 60% of yearly production to Middle East,Far East Asia,North Africa and Russian Federation has representatives in many countries. Dogrular isn’t pleased its position and has an understanding which aims to reach further targets by making big investsments. In 2005,Dogrular established the factory in Konya City Industrial Zone which has 26.000m² covered and 45.000m² open areas.By having high-tech machine park,researche-development and designing,planning,mechanics and tooling production sections and boosting qualities the Company are coming near by step and step to its targets. Dogrular with its long years experience,your criticisms, Encourgament and help aims to serve you for years.
Our company Casaline which started to its activities in 2007 has complated its investments in a short period and started production in its facility located in Konya – Turkey. By focusing on technology and R&D in its 5000m2 facility, Casaline is developing and renewing its product range day by day.By focusing on customer satisfaction and quality,Casaline is a well-known brand either in the local market and abroad.Today, 90% of the products of profile ladders,aluminum ladders,aluminum industrial ladders and aluminum scaffoldings which is produced in our factory are exported to different countries around the World. Casaline aims to serve its customers for many years by its experience and the support given by our customers and will go on to take its steps accordingly to this aim.